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Medical Mission Trip 2017


Micheal Hammons’ first mission trip to Haiti was in November 2014. During this trip, he fell in love with the people—especially the deaf community in the Village of Leveque outside of Port-au-Prince. Micheal is deaf, but he speaks and signs and he immediately became connected with this deaf community. 


During the week, his life was transformed into what he calls a "Spiritual Awakening Journey".  Originally, Micheal had no intention of making another mission trip to Haiti or anywhere else but God had other plans for him! As Micheal says, “I had every excuse to tell God why I couldn’t do this, but winning the argument didn’t work.”  


After praying, pondering and working all week in Haiti, Micheal realized that God knew what was best and that was to follow His plan. Micheal also realized that he was called to help the deaf population through sharing the love of Jesus and humanitarian efforts.  Once home, he began to realize that the journey was just beginning.  Micheal felt that Mission of Hope was already well-established in the area with a Christ-centered mission and wonderful contacts so he wanted to continue the relationship with this organization. God chose him to be a deaf missionary and humanitarian for the deaf communities.  Micheal’s wife joined him on the second mission trip in June 2015.  It was in Haiti that they both agreed that Breaking Thru the Silence was God’s plan for them. They feel so blessed and honored to be able to serve where they are needed and feel led. 


Micheal's First MIssion Trip to Haiti - November 2014

Mission Trip - June 2015

Medical Mission Trip - April 2016

Mission Trip


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